Scuba Tips

Through all my years in diving and talking to people, I’ve come to the conclusion … if you’re interested in learning to scuba dive, your first open water dive is the most important. By this I mean, you get ‘hooked’ to scuba diving because your dive conditions were ‘perfect’. You feel the warmth on your skin, no strong wind, great visibility underwater, you feel great and your equipment is working fine!  However, even though this would be the ultimate, you still want to prepare for the unknown. Your ‘perfect dive conditions’, desire could suddenly change and now you have a cold.. your sinuses are bothering you. Now what? 

If you have doubts about learning to scuba dive because you have the fear of sharks, not feeling comfortable under water, etc.  .. I have great tips and advice to help you on all this.

I have created these tips based on my experiences and experiences of my fellow divers to help you avoid accidents and discomforts. I want you to have the best experiences ever, while scuba diving. Tips, no matter what they are on,  help us prepare for situations.

Scuba Diving:

Whether you are a new diver or an experienced diver, sometimes we can be faced with challenges like:

  • pain in your ears
  • sea sickness
  • leg cramps
  • drinking too much alcohol
  • dehydration
  • medical health issues (physical condition)
  • tooth squeeze
  • buoyancy issues
  • foggy mask
  • diving too deep
  • entanglement
  • what to do when you see a shark
  • errors in procedures and much more

Dive gear:

  • equipment malfunction
  • how to select your first dive equipment
  • mask clearing

Dive locations and Dive Shops:

There are thousands of dive shops and dive locations. Which one do you choose? There are many factors to consider such as:

  • seasonal weather conditions
  • where can you learn to scuba dive?
  • new diver or experienced diver?
  • what kind of diving is it? Drift diving, shore diving, liveaboard diving, big boat diving (cruise ships)
  • best places to go for beginners, etc. 

If you have any questions on any of your experiences, positive or negative, I really would like to hear from you. Please put them in the comment below and I will get back to you.