How To Enter The Water In Strong Surface Current – Diver’s Life

How I Spent This Dive Vacation

What do you do when you’re faced with the challenge of getting underwater in a strong surface current? This happened to me some years ago and I had no idea of how to enter the water like this type of current. The only thing I wanted to do was to get down under and see … Read more

How to Find A Dive Buddy – Everything You Need To Know Is Here

Dive Buddies

Does not having a dive buddy stop you from going on dive vacations? Don’t let this stop you.  Life is way too short to let the joys of diving go past you. You feel stumped and don’t know how to find a dive buddy. Today, I will be telling you about the characteristics of a … Read more

How to Make a Controlled Scuba Dive Descent – Beginners

Diver Clearing Mask While Descending

Descending for a scuba diver means there is a system of rules. Correct conduct and procedures need to be followed in order to avoid or eliminate problems like equalizing your ears due to changing ambient pressures. It’s important to learn how to make a controlled scuba dive descent. Most of the time you make your … Read more