Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe Scuba Dive Gear Bag Review – Good or Not?

Mares Cruise Backpack Deluxe BlackYou invested a lot of money on your dive gear, so why not finish it off by protecting them with a quality dive bag! It can also keep your gear organized so you never leave anything behind.

In this review, I’ll tell you how well the Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe scuba dive gear bag works, its Pros and Cons and where to go for the best price. My research information is based on gathering information from Mares, the manufacturer of this bag, from various suppliers and Amazon.

I’ve been spending some time doing research for a quality gear bag for my dive equipment and so I want to share with you my findings.

After you finish reading this review, you should have a pretty good idea if the Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe is your perfect dive bag that will protect your gear!

The Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe Review

Type: Mesh Backpack Gear Bag with Handles

Best Price Location:
Colour: Black

Technical Details:

Dimension: 29.5” x 16 x 16 ins.
Weight: 3 lbs.
Manufacturer Warranty (parts, labor): Full Warranty
Shipping Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Volume: 7536 cu.inches

Who is Mares?

Mares was founded in 1949 by Ludovico Mares in Rapallo, Italy. Serving worldwide, they later merged with Dacor, a U.S company. Mares is one of the largest manufacturers of dive equipment ranging from BCD, Regulators, Computers, Masks and Snorkels, Fins, Spearguns, dive accessories like dive bags, dive torches, weights belts, sportswear, etc.


I did some research into Mares site and the following features are what they claim to have incorporated in this dive bag:

1) The material that is composed of PVC mesh net to ensure its durability, sturdiness and long lasting usage. It’s supposed to be manufactured to handle your dive equipment and accessories.

2) Water Drainage hole from the bottom extension is supposed to allow for easy drainage of water after placing your wet gear in your bag and quick drying of items.

3) Lateral Zipper that’s easy to access, put items into your bag and remove.

4) Drawstring closing that’s located at the top with barrel lock fastener apparently make it easy to access your gear.

5) Two methods of carrying this bag for versatility:

As a Backpack – Padded backpack shoulders straps that are supposed to be strategically designed to reduce fatique and discomfort.  There’s also a sternum strap that’s adjustable by squeezing it’s side release buckle to give you the fit you want. This provides stability. 

As a Duffel bag – 2 sturdy, rubber handles that you can grab hold of and carry as a duffel bag for quick transportation.

6) Zippered Wide External Padded Pocket.  A great place to store your regulator and computer.

7) Internal Pocket that’s supposed to give you enough room to store other dive accessories like a dive whistle, etc.

8) Keeps you dry when using as a backpack with wet gear because apparently it is not entirely mesh and therefore creates a barrier.

9) Protection at the bottom that endures weight.

10) Full Warranty on parts and labour. 

Are you impressed? I am and my first thought is it seems to have everything I’ve been looking for especially on how it seems to be so versatile that I can use it as a backpack or carry it as a duffel bag… but that’s just my thought!!  

The real question here is does the Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe bag do what it’s been advertised to do and is it the right bag for you?

Because I haven’t actually haven’t purchased this bag yet, I checked out and read the reviews at the most popular places of purchase and summarized them all here to make it easier for you to read and decide for yourself.

Here’s what divers say after they purchased their dive bag!


1) PVC Mesh Net and Protection at the Bottom. Quality is excellent. Excellent product. Built well. Some kind of rubber coating. Mesh is rubberized so it keeps the material from scuff marks. Commercial quality. Meets expectations and very well made including the zipper and can withstand the banging around the boat and doesn’t fall apart. Backpack is high quality. Felt the entire bag was solid with thick mesh and is durable. Stitching is robust.

Holds everything from bcd, regulator, wetsuit, booties, mask, fins, towel, etc and all dive accessories. In addition to putting in all the necessary dive gear in bag, this diver also found room to include a speargun, GoPro stick, camera and received compliments on the bag.   Very large bag.

2) Water Drainage Hole. There is a drain hole. Lets you dunk entire bag in the dunk tank to rinse gear to save time. Great drainage

3) Long Lateral Zipper. Side zipper is great because you don’t have to take everything out. Easy to access whatever you want from this side zipper.  zipper is heavier.

4) Divers have said they love the ability to use both as a duffel bag or as a backpack. Loves the ability to be able to get access to their gear from the top as a backpack and the side as a duffel bag.

Backpack – Drawstring at the top. They like carrying the bag as a backpack

Duffel – Easy lifting using side handles. Excellent as a duffel bag

5) Wide External Padded Pockets.  Able to put a dive mask hard case in the front pocket.

6) Keep you dry.

7) Internal Pocket. Pocket located at the back is excellent for logbook, wallet, keys and cell phone.

Additional Comments!

  • Diver used it as a carry on for flights.
  • Dive instructor absolutely loves and says the bag is excellent and has had the bag for 6 years and just purchased another one because he brings it to the pool many times in a month and while it’s still very strong it’s showing wear and tear.

    Another diver says he uses it often and had to buy another one because his wife was jealous of his dive bag. Instructor liked it so much diver gifted a bag. Diver purchased his after watching his Divemasters use the bag. Instead of using it as a travel bag, he uses it to carry dive equipment to the dive boat or beach.
  • Would definitely recommend to anyone, to a friendDiver did a research on this product and found this was the best at a great price. Great price.


1) Diver said the tie at the top (drawstring) was missing at the time of taking delivery of the shipment and the hand and shoulder straps ripped out of its seam and ended up taking it to a shoe repair shop to re-sew. This diver did not return the bag and does not recommend this dive bag.

2) The handles ripped off on the very first dive. Diver did not return it and found someone to stitch it back on.

3) Another diver experienced the straps stitches were coming apart, did not return it and had it sewn.

The Price

I did some research on the price and the best place to go purchase this bag is on because of their discounted pricing which includes FREE Shipping and FREE Returns based on their terms. 

Conclusion: Is the Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe the right dive equipment bag for you?

It depends on what you’re looking for. There are 3 comments from customers who purchased this bag and experienced backpack straps and the 2 handles that were not properly sewn and ripped from the stitching.  The interesting part is I found no other negative comments about this bag! 

My recommendation is to make sure you inspect the bag as soon as you receive the package and put all your dive gear and accessories in it. Wear it fully loaded as a backpack and carry it as a duffel bag. Thoroughly inspect the stitching. It’s important to inspect and test any dive bag you purchase. 

Here’s what I think:

Ya… I think the Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe is a great dive gear bag for the price and plus!!

On the positive note, as you can see from the Pros, there are many customers who are enjoying and using this bag. Some have even purchased 2 bags and say they would recommend it to friends and others. They like the versatility the bag offers to use it as a backpack and as a duffel bag.

The price is extremely attractive with the durability to hold your entire dive equipment plus accessories is a huge PLUS. Being able to have a water drainage hole is also very convenient to dunk the entire bag into the wash tub to give your equipment a good rinse from salt water.

Click here if you feel the Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe is your perfect dive equipment bag to get the best price available!!

If you have had any experiences with this dive bag or have any questions or comments, I really would like to hear from you… just put them in the Comment box below!

Thanks for reading!!



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