14 Interesting Humpback Whale Facts – Scuba Divers and Snorkelers

Magnificent Breaching Humpback Whale

Article: 14 Interesting Humpback Whale Facts – Scuba Divers and Snorkelers  (I actually have 17 facts)! One of the greatest and wildest dreams for divers, snorkelers and whale-watchers is to watch gigantic ocean acrobatic humpback whales. People travel all over the world to see these magnificent creatures thrust their body high above the surface of the … Read more

Interesting Hammerhead Shark Facts – Beginner and Novice Divers

Hammerhead Shark In Bahamas

One of the most fascinating and interesting fish facts is on the Hammerhead Shark. Wondering how this fish got such a name?  Can beginners and novice divers dive with these marvelous creatures? Different than any others shark species in many ways, you would have to first look at is their weird T-shaped flat head with … Read more

14 Interesting And Fun Facts About Dolphins

Dolphin Mother With Calf

Have you ever seen an angry or sad looking dolphin? They always appear to be smiling and it doesn’t take long to get you into a smiley mood when you see them.  Here are 14 interesting and fun facts about dolphins for you to remember when you see them on your next vacation. Check out … Read more

5 Best Places To Swim And Scuba Dive With Whale Sharks – Novice Divers

Novice divers can feel intimidated when they scuba dive with whale sharks. But it doesn’t have to be! I have 5 of the Best Places for you To Swim with them. Whale sharks may be large but did you know they are filter feeders? Even the word ‘sharks’ makes you want to hold back from … Read more

Top 4 Places to Dive with Giant Manta Rays – New Divers

Giant Manta Ray

So you’re a new or novice diver, are you? You’re not sure what to expect when you go on a manta ray night dive. BUT don’t worry, I have 4 top places to dive with these giants, perfect for you. I also have some great educational information and some entertaining videos for you to watch. … Read more