How To Select Your Scuba Dive Lights – The Right Way For Beginners

Night Diver With Night Light

You need 2 dive lights, a primary and a backup to do night dives if you want to see anything in the water and dive safely. You also need it to communicate with your buddy and help navigate your way around and back to the boat.  It’s different at night because now you’re faced with … Read more

Important Night Diving Tips – New and Novice Divers

Diving at night can be intimidating to new and novice divers, but did you know even the most experienced divers feel a little spooked out. You’re curious and once you take that plunge into the darkness it’s like the curtains are drawn open and now you have a brand new scene. Everything looks significantly different … Read more

Important Tips on How to Choose The Right Scuba Dive Centre

Beautiful Dive Centre

Finding the right dive centre is crucial if you want to get good quality air to breathe from your tank. The last thing you want to have happen when diving is to feel dizzy, nauseated, shortness of breath and confusion. Breathing compressed air impurities can come from contaminates in a compressor or it can come … Read more