The Ultimate Scuba Packing List And Tips – Dive Vacation

Packing Dive GearThere’s nothing worse than sitting on a dive boat and taking out your gear and realizing you forgot an important piece of dive equipment. You thought you had everything all organized when you packed.

Packing for a dive trip requires extra planning. Remember, not only do you have to pack to travel, you have to pack all your scuba gear and still meet your airline’s baggage allowance. Using a scuba packing checklist to help you get organized will not only give you an enjoyable stress-free vacation, it will help you to not miss any gear when packing.

The Ultimate Scuba Packing List is an inventory list to help you to never forget all your important travel needs for your exciting dive vacation. It gives you helpful information on what items to put in your Carry-On and in your Check-in bag and I also have a great video for you to watch.

Here is an instructional video for you to watch and it will give you some great ideas on how to pack your dive gear in a gear bag.

Pre-Packing Tips For Your Carry-On Bag

There is some dive gear you absolutely want to protect from being damaged and will want to put them into your Carry-on bag. Items like your regulator, dive computer, dive watch, camera and lens should all be packed in your Carry-on in addition to what is shown under ‘Basics (Carry-on) of The Ultimate Scuba Packing List below.

Here are some pre-packing tips for your Carry-On bag:

1) Remember, never pack your dive knife in your Carry-on. You may be in for a big surprise with airport security if they find it in your Carry-on.  

2) Your regulator should put in a padded regulator bag. 

3) Dive computer and dive watch. It won’t be fun to rent these and spend time learning how to operate someone else’s and not only that, it means not having your own dive profile.

3) Certification card. Forgetting to bring this card may mean delays or missing a dive and waiting until the dive center retrieves your information online from the appropriate dive agency.

Chewable Non-Drowsy Ginger Gravol4) Prescriptions and seasickness medications including decongestants. Having these with you at all times during your travel to remote places can save you a lot of grief if your Check-In bag arrives late. Trust me, I’ve seen divers go thru the stress of not having immediate access to their prescriptions.

I love my diving and I love being on the boat BUT I get seasick easily and when I forgot my Ginger Gravol, I ended up purchasing seasickness medication at a remote vacation destination that would make me sleep my afternoons away. If you’re like me, don’t forget to bring your seasickness preventative.

Pre-Packing Tips For Your Check-In Bag

1) Fold and place your wetsuit in first for padding in the bottom of the bag and then put your BCD in the middle on top of the wetsuit. Place your fins in on either side of your Check-in bag which makes for a sturdy wall.

2)  Your mask without the snorkel should go in a protective container to protect the lens from being scratched.

3) Remove the batteries out of the dive light(s) and put them in a small container. 

4) Start filling in the spaces with your mask box, snorkel, dive lights, etc. 

5) Be sure to bring a mesh bag with you to put all your dive gear in and to carry back and forth from the hotel to the dive center. It’s also a perfect bag to dunk and pre-rinse your gear.


What have you forgotten on your dive vacation and what did you do to replace it? Did you rent your missing dive gear at a dive center? How do you pack your bags in preparation for your dive vacation? If you have any stories you would like to share or have any questions or comments, it would be awesome to hear from you. Please put them in the Comment Box below.

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